About us


We are a group of Malaysia-based therapists who practise acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). Through this website, we hope to bring this therapeutic option to Malaysia by sharing information, training events and other resources related to ACT. 

The Team

Wendy Shoesmith, MBBChir, MA, MRCPsych

Dr Wendy Shoesmith is an Associate Professor of Psychiatry who has been working at Universiti Malaysia Sabah for the last 12 years. She has been using and teaching ACT methods since 2016 and is working on becoming an official trainer. Her main research interest is in collaborative practice and in teaching collaborative methods to healthcare staff and students. She started the ‘Ultra-brief psychological intervention course’, which incorporates ACT methods, in 2017 with the main aim of improving the partnership between healthcare staff, patients and carers and improve outcomes. Prior to working in Sabah, she was working the early intervention in psychosis service in Cambridge, where she learned skills in working psychologically with people with psychotic illness. She has been adapting some of these skills for the Malaysian setting, through both research and clinical practice.

Sandi James, MEd, PGradPsy

Sandi James is an Australian registered psychologist and addictions therapist specialising in mental illness and trauma recovery. Sandi is a Acceptance and Commitment clinician and Dialectical Behavioural Therapist. Sandi was employed at the Universiti Malaysia Sabah for 2 years prior to relocating to Thailand to pursue further clinical expertise and practice in addiction and trauma treatment. Sandi is also a Scientific Writer for The Joanna Briggs Institute, writing evidence summaries in the areas of Public Health and evidence-based medical practice. Sandi is currently undertaking her Post Graduate Research candidature in Public Health with La Trobe University, Australia. Sandi’s research focus is on the traditional use of alcohol in the indigenous communities of Sabah. Other research interests include evidence-based treatments for mental illness, ACT and Ultra Brief Psychological Interventions, collaborative health care provision, and alcohol harm reduction in Sabah. She is currently involved in numerous research projects in Sabah related to these topics.

Eugene Koh, MB BCh BAO, MMed (Psy)

Eugene Koh is a psychiatrist and lecturer from Universiti Putra Malaysia. He is an ACT practitioner that takes on clients regularly in his psychiatric practice. He is also exploring the use of ACT in enhancing an athlete’s performance, particularly in triathletes. He is also working on becoming an ACBS peer-reviewed trainer. His area of interest includes mental illness recovery and sports psychiatry. He is also actively involved with mental health education by providing educational talks to the public and also caregivers of persons with mental illness. One of Eugene’s long term goal is to introduce ACT within the local field of sports, particularly in athletes with psychological difficulties.

Nicholas Pang, MBBS, MMed (Psy)

Nicholas Pang is a psychiatrist and lecturer from Universiti Malaysia Sabah. He has been working with clients incorporating ACT methods since 2019, and has found great personal and professional fulfillment doing so. On a related note, he has a pet project to translate mindfulness scripts, hitherto only available in English, to all local languages of Borneo to serve as a repository for therapists and clients. Only time will tell how successful he is – there are 42 ethnic groups in Sabah alone. His personal dream is for mindfulness exercise audio recordings to be available in every major language and dialect group in Borneo, and he would appreciate any assistance he could to climb that mountain. He is also working on becoming an ACBS peer-reviewed trainer.

Beatrice Ng Andrew, MD, MPM

Beatrice Ng Andrew is a psychiatrist and senior lecturer from Universiti Putra Malaysia. She is an ACT practitioner that incorporates ACT methods in her daily clinical practice. Her area of interest includes recovery-oriented psychiatric care and community psychiatric services. She is also actively involved in promoting shared decision making and patient-centred care, spreading awareness on functional recovery in psychiatry, as well as delivering mental health talks to the public. One of Beatrice’s current aims is to train more Malaysian ACT therapists and increase the use of ACT in Malaysia. She is also working on becoming an ACBS peer-reviewed trainer.

Kwong-Yan Soh, MBBS, MMed (Psy)

Kwong-Yan Soh is a psychiatrist and lecturer from Universiti Putra Malaysia. He is appointed as a research associate of MyAgeing™ (Malaysian Research Institute on Ageing) since 2018. Kwong-Yan’s area of interest includes mood disorders and psychotherapy. He is also an active speaker by delivering mental health talks to the public and empowering caregivers of persons with mental illness.

Loo Jiann Lin, MD, DPH, MRCPsych, DrPs

Loo Jiann Lin is a psychiatrist, psychotherapist and lecturer from Universiti Malaysia Sabah. He has been working with clients using different models of psychotherapy, including ACT. He believes all therapies have their role in helping client and combination treatment helps in different aspects. Holding the portfolio of Head of Medical Education, he has a special interest in psychiatric and mental health education.

Other contributors:

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