Mindfulness exercise

The following are transcripts in various language for simple mindfulness exercises that can either be read by the therapist or shared with clients to bring home to use:

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Mindfulness Exercise (English)
Kesedaran Minda (Malay)
正念练习 (Mandarin)
Akaliman (Murut)
Mindfulness Exercise (Bajau)
மன விழிப்புணர்வு பயிற்சி (Tamil)
Pinsingihaan Kopiumaman Tutok (Kadazan)

Original english script by Dr Wendy Shoesmith & Ms Sandi James. Translations done by Dr Goh Yih Chian (mandarin), Dr Siti Nuhara Bt Riduan (malay), Ms Romela Bt Masoh (murut), Dr Farahniza Taufik (bajau) & Dr Assvin Alaga (tamil)

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